Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Central Air Purifier

Many of us are opting for air purifiers these days, but one problem that most of us have to do with, is that we can clean the air of just one room in our house with a single purifier. However, we don't spend all our day in one room, do we? Ideally all our rooms should be having clean air to breathe. Good news is, this is possible.

There is the option of having air purifiers which work centrally all over the house. But for that to work you would be needing either a system of central cooling or heating in your house. That would allow you to have a single unit installed working for the entire house. An added advantage is that it wouldn't be taking up space in rooms which you don't want to cramp up. And you will have clean air all day in every room.

Now let us have an idea about how these central air purifiers work. It works in combination with the central heating or cooling system installed in your home. For a central cooling or heating system, air inside the rooms are circulated through the ductwork and then is drawn in from the return ductworks. The air purifier unit uses this inflow and outflow of air to its own advantage. What it does is before the drawn in air reaches the cooler or the heater, it passes through the purifier to be cleansed of its impurities. So the purifier should be installed just before the furnace or the air conditioner.

A central air purifier by itself is not strong enough to draw in air from the whole of the house and then release it back evenly to all the corners of the house. It must work in conjunction with the central airflow system. Still, it has to have much more capacity than stand alone cleaners which serve to purify the air of only individual rooms.

However it should be kept in mind that however efficient a central air cleaner is it will never match the quality of cleansing achieved by a standalone air purifier. It will clean the air of most of the particulates for sure, yet it would be not as efficient as regular air purifiers. A central air purifier can exchange the air of the whole house for two to four times in a day. Moreover the air has to pass through ductworks and registers. So one shouldn't be expecting more than 90% efficiency in cleansing.

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